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This isn’t your mother’s shapewear! Sculptress is redefining women’s shapewear with medical-grade materials and prosthesis technology. The result is professional silicone appliances with realistic look, feel and movement!

Want fuller hips? Sculptress silicone hip pads eliminate hip dip and enhance your waist-to-hip ratio. Wear them beneath your favorite Spanx or leggings. Try adding a corset, girdle or waist cincher for a complete hourglass figure.


About Us

The company previously developed specialty silicone appliances for cancer survivors, transgender individuals and Hollywood films. In 2016, the Sculptress brand was envisioned to bring these professional products to home wardrobes. 

Sculptress prosthetic shapewear is made from EchodermTM medical-grade silicone. EchodermTM is blended to closely match the look and feel of real skin. It even matches the users body temperature. Sculptress products also feature DurablendTM edges. The mesh-infused edges are paper thin, so they’re invisible beneath tights and leggings. DurablendTM edges are also extremely strong and they’re guaranteed not to tear.

Sculptress prosthetic shapewear is proudly made in the USA.