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DurablendTM Edges

DurablendTM edges are mesh-infused for strength and beauty. They’re paper-thin so they blend invisibly beneath your favorite Spanx or leggings. They’re also incredibly strong and guaranteed not to rip or tear.


What is Prosthetic Shapewear?

This isn’t your mother’s shapewear! Sculptress has pioneered prosthesis-grade silicone appliances to shape your figure with realistic look, feel and movement. Originally developed for cancer survivors and Hollywood films, the Sculptress brand was envisioned to bring these high-performance products to home wardrobes. No more seams or frumpy padding! Sculptress silicone hip pads and butt pads are invisible beneath your favorite Spanx or leggings. They’re made from medical-grade EchodermTM silicone with realistic look, feel and movement. They even match your body temperature to [...]