– Clinical Strength Antiperspirant

– Reduce perspiration and smells

– Liquid formula / spray application

– Non-Staining

– For use with silicone hip pads, corsets and shapewear

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Don’t let shapewear make you sweat! Use this liquid antiperspirant to control sweating and odor beneath corsets, cinchers and silicone hip pads. The 1 oz. liquid formula and spray applicator make it convenient to apply to large areas. Simply spray troublesome areas with antiperspirant and allow to air-dry. If you’re looking for a larger quantity, or an unscented, stronger antiperspirant, you may wish to consider our Sculptress Prosthetic Antiperspirant Spray.

Tip: For best results, apply antiperspirant at night, when your sweat glands are less active. Applying antiperspirant in the morning makes it harder for the active ingredients to enter and clog the sweat ducts.

Active Ingredient: Aluminum Chlorohydrate

Contains aloe vera and fresh fragrance. Good for men and women. 


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