Crotchless Pantyhose


  • Stretchy and sturdy crotchless pantyhose
  • Crotchless Sheer tights for a sexy view
  • Combines with dance tights and Spanx
  • Holds Hip Pad Shapewear
  • Great For Special Events
  • Could be worn during sex
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Crotchless Pantyhose

Crotchless pantyhose provide the sheer covering you love, allowing you to use the restroom without removing your Silicone Padding

Based on customer feedback, our Pantyhose is considered disposable so we’ve priced accordingly to ease the purchase of several pairs. The material is thin and can last multiple washes, but customers have reported small tears when used during the extensive activity. We highly recommend one-time use for sexual activities. 

The Pantyhose will give your legs a polished, silky finish so they’re perfect for everyday wear or a special surprise. Providing light coverage these tights give a beautiful unblemished look and feel amazing to touch.

Available in nude or black.  Very stretchy – one size fits most.

Consider additional layers and combine your crotchless pantyhose with dance tights.


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