Mesh Corset by Brazen Bodice – reduce your waist by up to 5″


  • 24 Steel bones (20 Spiral steel bones & 4 flat steel bones)
  • 9″  Steel busk ( front closure)
  • Lace up back
  • Six suspender loops
  • Net mesh cloth
  • Waist tape
  • Corset length: 10″
  • Brazen Bodice brand
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This beautiful mesh corset is strong, breathable, light and specifically designed to be worn under clothing without being detected (called “stealthing”).  The corset is made of rigid mesh which is strong enough to provide waist training, and can reduce your waist measurement up to 5 inches.  Because it’s made of mesh, you won’t overheat and sweat, as air is able to circulate around your mid-section.  Featuring a center waist tape and 24 steel bones which are paired for double boning to pull in your waist, help improve your posture, and when combined with our Sculptress Silicone Hip pads, really provide an hourglass figure that is WOW!  Black mesh corsets are fashionable and popular, and this one is so pretty that you may decide to show it off over your clothing instead.

Available in 9 sizes to fit natural waists ranging from 26″ to 46″, in 2-inch increments, you’re sure to find the size that works best for you!

We offer a no-nonsense 30 days exchange or refund policy (shipping charges are not refundable).

How to use your Mesh Corset to help achieve an hourglass figure?

The “magic” number that is considered to be ideal by Western standards is 0.7

Where does this number come from, and what does it mean? 

This number is called the waist-to-hip ratio or WHR.  It’s calculated by a very simple formula of dividing the waist measurement (“W”) by the hip measurement (“H”).  Go ahead and try it!  Grab a tape measure, and measure your waist at the narrowest part.  Now measure your hips at the widest part.  Using a calculator, divide your “W” by your “H”, and voila!  You have your own personal natural WHR.  If you’re looking for a perfect hourglass figure, and your WHR is higher than 0.7, there are 2 ways in which you can improve that.

  1. You can decrease your waist measurement.  Imagine that you were using the Brazen Bodice mesh corset waist trainer, and reduced your waist measurement by 5 inches.  Now your new “W” number is the measurement you took, minus 5.  What’s the new number?
  2. You can increase your hip dimension.  Our Sculptress Silicone hip pads increase your hip dimension by anywhere from 1″ to 4″ depending on whether you get size A, B, C, or D.  Now your new “H” is the measurement you took, plus between 1″ and 4″.  What’s the new number?

The best results are obtained by combining the mesh corset and the silicone hip pads.

Now divide your new W by your new H.  Are you closer to 0.7 than you were before?  Of course you are!  You have a more ideal hourglass figure.  Be careful, however.  It is possible to go TOO far.  If your WHR ends up much lower than 0.68, you will have “cartoonish” proportions, and will want a less compressive mesh corset, or smaller hip pads.

You can see more about this at our Hourglass Figure Guide.


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Fabric: Mesh

Length at Front (Busk): 10"

Length of Busk: 9"

Length at Bust (Princess Seam): 10"

Length at Side: 10"

Length at Back (Laces): 10"

Waist Reduction: 5 Inches & Below

Rib Spring: 3"

Hip Spring: 3"

Torso Lengths: 9"-10.5"

30 day warranty against manufacturing defects.

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